The healthcare field is one that is ever evolving as the world around us changes. Technology has made a huge impact on the lives of everyday people over the course of the past 20 years, and it’s been creeping into the healthcare industry ever since.

Technology is changing and shifting the way the healthcare field works and operates. In the past, standard medical care usually comes in the form of therapeutic treatment to a problem someone is experiencing. With new and continuous Artificial Intelligence developments, that shift is now heading towards preventive healthcare treatments.

The need for more preventive healthcare is an obvious one. If we could stop certain health problems from developing, to begin with, we won’t have to actively work to try and treat those problems after they have already made their impact.

This is especially true for people who suffer from Noncommunicable diseases, like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic diseases, respiratory diseases, and more. These common problems tend to be responsible for 70% of deaths worldwide according to a study from the World Health Organization.

Technology is being developed in the form of Machine Learning and A.I. to help tackle these serious health issues and streamline processes along the way. This is possible through the use of huge digital databases where scientists and doctors can study a wide range of cases to create algorithms necessary to identify patterns and predictions from these data sets.

Not only does this have a huge impact on the healthcare industry and those who work in it, but it also has the potential to give patients more power and control over their lives and health. Systems being developed to allow patients to access A.I. virtual nurses from home are already being implemented and offered. There are also current studies surrounding tumor diagnosis that has seen extremely high success rates thus far.

We can expect these will technological advances will only further develop as we progress towards a healthier future with a more preventive approach to saving peoples lives.

Dr. Arnold Peter Weiss is the R. Scot Sellers Scholar of Hand Surgery; Chief of Hand Surgery; Vice Chairman & Professor, Brown University.